Friday, May 17, 2013

Goodbye, Sweet Baby

Baby went over The Rainbow Bridge April 24, 2013.  Her passing was very peaceful, at home, surrounded by love.  Baby had just become too exhausted to battle the disease going on in her tiny body.

Thank you all of our amazing blog friends over the years.  I will always treasure your caring, humor, and warmth.

I will soon take down the blog as the house is now, unfortunately, cat-less.  I will still try to keep up with some of your wonderful blogging, though.

Best, always.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We've Been in Sleep Mode

Mom's desktop died.  She got a new laptop (which I'm not allowed to walk on for some reason).  She's getting used to it and trying to understand technical stuff, ha ha!  I think it puts her to sleep.  We'll be around more soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our New Apartment

So, here was the last night in the old basement apartment. Zilla, my crazed Pomeranian cousin, "helped" pack boxes.

Here I am in the new awesome apartment!  Me an my mom share it with her niece Marilyn and Zilla.  Mom and I have the master bedroom with attached walk in closet and half bath.  That means the door can be shut to keep out my maniac cousin, but I still have access to my litter box and food and desk bed and everything.
I am on top of a stack of boxes in this picture to stay away from Zilla.  She wants to play and I don't.

This is our upgraded kitchen.

We can't afford much furniture yet, so the dining area is humble.  Do you like our sparkly skeleton?

We don't have a sofa yet, so we are using these elegant lounge chairs.

But we have the essentials, like a new HD TV, 'cause the old one died, and cable and so forth.

Zilla loves the balcony with the view of the woods.  I don't go out there.  It's her territory.  I have a great view from my bedroom window, though, and my mom says with the window screen she doesn't have to worry about me jumping away.  Like I would.  Sheesh.

This is the bedroom.  I love how Mom put just a mattress on the floor.  So easy for me to access her and the window.  See me on top of the desk by my lamp?  Zilla's toys are all over my bed 'cause she's hanging out in my bedroom sometimes when her mom is at work.  My mom is looking for work now, too, so she's gonna have even less time with me.

This is our walk in closet and then the half bath beyond.

I have a new fountain and I eat up on this counter now.

I really like it!

I'm just relaxing here, chasing my laser butterfly for a bit.

Oh, noes!  My maniac cousin.

Sometimes I hide from her in the bottom of the desk.

Now I am eyeballing her suspiciously from on top of the desk.

Because here she comes!

This video shows how feisty and fierce I am defending my territories.

My mom said she will update as much as she can, but she has been really busy a lot lately.  We miss you all!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time to pack up my meeces

Mom and I are moving to a new apartment.  We'll be living with her niece Marilyn and Zilla, my Pomeranian cousin.  We'll post more as soon as we get settled in.